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Conjunctions – Veznici

Uloga veznika je da povezuju reči u rečenicama. U engleskom jeziku razlikujemo tri vrste veznika:

  • Nezavisni ili koordinativni veznici (eng. coordinating conjunctions)
  • Odnosni ili korelativni veznici (eng. correlative conjunctions)
  • Zavisni veznici ili subjunktori (eng. subordinate conjunctions)

Nezavisni veznici

Nezavisni veznici povezuju različite jezičke jedinice, odnosno reči, skupove reči i rečenice. Najčešće korišćeni veznici u engleskom jeziku su: and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet

  • He works and he plays a piano every day.
  • Ann is very pretty, but she is too shy.
  • You can study hard for this exam or you can fail.
  • I don’t see how. Nor do I.
  • He is the best student in his class, for he has good grades.
  • You have learned for the exam, so you will certainly pass.
  • John plays basketball well, yet his favorite sport is badminton.

Odnosni veznici

Odnosni veznici nazivaju se još i korelativni. U engleskom jeziku koriste se kako bi se izrazili recipročni odnosi među rečima, skupovima reči ili rečenicama. Javljaju se u šest različitih parova:

1. not only…but (also)

Not only did he donate a large amount of money to the school, but he also bought them new computers.

2. both…and

Both the parent and the child agreed to never argue again.

3. whether…or

It will happen, whether you like it or not.

4. either…or

I want to buy either a new desktop computer or a laptop.

5. just as…so

Just as Europeans love soccer, so do the Americans love baseball.

6. neither…nor (ponekad neither…or)

The water in the shower was neither hot nor cold.

Zavisni veznici

Uloga zavisnih veznika u engleskom jeziku je da povežu zavisnu rečenicu sa glavnom:

  • Olivia will come home as soon as she finishes the assignment.
  • I want to go wherever you want to go.

U zavisnosti od rečenice, zavisni veznici izražavaju različita stanja i odnose:

  • vreme: after, before, since, until, as long as
  • mesto: where, wherever, in the same place as
  • način: as though, as if
  • namera: so that, in order that
  • ishod: so, so that
  • uzrok i posledica: when, why, because

Neki zavisni veznici u engleskom jeziku mogu nastati iz drugih vrsta reči:

  • like – zavisni veznik i predlog
  • since – vremenski i uzročni zavisni veznik, ali i predlog i prilog

Priložni veznici

Pored navedene tri vrste veznika, postoje još jedni, priložni veznici. U engleskom jeziku oni su definisani kao “conjunctive adverbs“. Njihova uloga je da povezuju proste rečenice u složene.

Neki od najčešće korišćenih su: however, furthermore, therefore, likewise…

  • Arrange your hours however you like.
  • She was late for work today, furthermore she forgot to lock her front door.
  • I think, therefore I am.
  • The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband.

Lekcije o ostalim vrstama reči u engleskom jeziku pogledajte OVDE.

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