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Staying in shape

Staying in shape

mathew22Matthew / England

I ride my bicycle. I like to ride my bicycle around most of the time, if I’m able to I’ll ride a bicycle to work, and also I like to walk everywhere. I’ve never owned a car, so I tend to walk a lot of different places.

akiAki / Japan

Every week I go to yoga. I also go do some walking. I also do some push-ups every day, but that’s about it. I also try to control what I eat. I don’t eat that much oily food, or I don’t drink much alcohol, so I guess that’s how I try to keep fit.

lindsay2Lindsay / United States

I like to go running two or three times a week, but to be honest Im not the best runner. I only … I probably walk for fifteen minutes, then run for ten, and then walk for another fifteen minutes.

I’m hoping someday I can work up to run, to do running for at least twenty minutes.

eoinEoin / England

To stay in shape, I try and walk a lot, is one thing, and also I cycle into work two or three times a week. Now that might not sound like much but I actually work on top of a mountain, so that’s a fair amount of exercise. It takes me about thirty, forty minutes.

paullPaul / England

I like to go to the gym a few times a week, I like to go to the gym.

I really like running but at the moment it’s quite cold outside so I don’t like to go running outside so I usually go to the gym and use the treadmill.

shalinShalini / Canada


Including … going to the gym, doing yoga, dancing, hiking, whatever … whatever physical activity I can get my hand on that doesn’t involve really going to the gym would be preferable.