mathewPaul / England

I think if we are speaking about a leader of a country, then first of all I think the person has to be strong. They have to have their ideas of what they want to do and they have to do it, but at the same time, they have to also be adaptable to situations, but mainly I think the person has to be strong and has to be able to deal with stressful situations, and make important decisions at the right time.

lindsayHelen / Canada

A good leader? I guess is someone who is compassionate, but who also knows how to lay down the law. Someone who can enforce the rules, but also is able to listen to his workers and the people underneath him … or her.

loriLindsay / United States

I think that a good leader needs to be charismatic to get people to trust them and to like them.

I also think that good leaders needs to be responsible, and be aware of the people that are around them to be able to help them.

chrisEoin / England

I think a good leader needs to be firm, decisive, but also willing to listen to the opinions and ideas of the people who work beneath him or her.

paullJeff / Canada

A good leader? I guess a good leader has to be confident enough in his or her own decisions to choose a direction and just go for it and inspire confidence in the people who are following him or her, but at the same time, they have to be open minded enough to recognize when they made a mistake, so I would say those are the two things: confidence and open-mindedness.


Mmm! A good leader? I mean, number one, I would say be compassionate and understanding of the people you’re leading, but also having charisma and self-confidence is really important.