Todd: Well, what about clothes? Like, are you a brand name person?fashion

Melissa: No, not at all. That’s not my style.

Todd: Yeah, so what determines your style? What influences you?

Melissa: Well, what I do when I go shopping. I usually have something in mind that I want to buy, so either a certain color or just a certain item of clothing and then I look around at all the different shops and compare the best prices and things like that, and then I’ll buy the one that’s the best deal and I’ll feel really good about it.

Todd: So for your style, do you look around and also you say, “Oh, I like what that person’s wearing. I wanna dress this style” or do you just think, you have your own style and you don’t care if it fits into a mold.

Melissa: I think it’s a mix. I think that sometimes I’ll see something that someone’s wearing and I’ll like it or want something similar and then of course that mixes in with things I already have, but I also like to make my own clothes, and remake clothes and things and things like that, so sometimes I’ll remake something and realize that I need a sweater or something to go with it and then I’ll just buy it based on something else I already have.

Todd: Oh, so you make your own clothes.

Melissa: Yeah, I don’t do it from scratch a lot. Sometimes I’ll go to a craft store and buy fabric and then cut it up and make a shirt from flat fabric, but often take a shirt or pants I already have and make into something.Like, I recently was living with a couple of roommates and my roommate was getting rid of all her old jeans so I cut her jeans up and cut a sweater up I had and then I made it into a jacket.

Todd: Oh, nice.

Melissa: Yeah.

Todd: And you still have it.

Melissa: Totally. I wear it all time.

Todd: Cool. Alright, well, thanks Melissa.

Melissa: No, problem.

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